Euro 2016 by charts

Squad strength


This chart segments squads into strength of the club teams they play for. I’ve used Euro Club index to determine the best teams. The top 6 ranked teams (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Paris Saint Germain and Juventus) are categorised as “elite” teams, the remaining top 25 teams as “good”, and any other club in the big 5 leagues in 2015/16 season (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France) as “strong”.

It obviously depends on where you draw the line, but it clearly shows how strong Spain and Germany are, thanks to a core of players from Europe’s elite clubs.

Player age


This illustrates player age by squad. I’ve removed goalkeepers because this can tend to skew the figures. England are clearly the youngest squad, but possibly too young, given that prime player age is considered to be 24-28. But the youth of Germany’s squad is also notable – whilst the other favourites France and Spain are on the older side, but look nicely balanced.

Age Distribution This chart shows number of players by age. For the statistically minded it nicely fits a Normal Distribution. At the extremes, Marcus Rashford is the youngest player, whilst 38 year old Ricardo Carvalho of Portugal is the oldest outfield player.


I’ve added Goalkeepers to this chart, and split by player position – to show how position varies by age.


As expected Goalkeepers and Defenders have a higher average age.

Squad Position


This chart shows the number of players in each squad, split by listed position. However, I think that some of the listed positions are a bit dubious – e.g. Belgium are shown with 8 forwards but list both Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne as forwards.

Which leagues do players come from?

By leagueAs expected the Premier League contributes most players, and the participation of Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland also buoys the number of English based players for the Championship and League 1.

Players by Club 

By club

Euro 2016 players play for 216 different clubs. The chart above shows those clubs contributing more than 5 players.

Resources used for this data

Wikipedia Euro 2016 squads

Euro Club index

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